Belén Berdeja is a self-taught Mexican artist. She studied graphic design and then went to Florence to study art history and fashion in 2014. After her return to Mexico City in 2015, she began painting full time.


In my work, I explore the double-faced conception of beauty in the contemporary world through the female experience. The way social norms, beauty canons, and cultural doctrines all work together to chisel girls and women in order to reach certain behavioral, psychological, physical, and emotional expectations, interfering with what would be their natural development.


By means of violent paint-knife strokes and certain symbolic elements – such as flowers and ornamentation, big eyes, and certain colors – I intend to make a fragmentation of the female experience with her cultural bindings and express the way society has caged femininity into a box with a few, specific rules. Through the countenance of the portrayed entity (who is both an individual and the universal female person) and the representation of the so-called female fragility and prettiness I search to bring forward the real strength and intrinsic, raw beauty that lies within all women.


Beauty is both a great and terrible thing; humankind has made it so. It is so horribly criticized, over processed and broken,

eventually twisted into something that is no longer authentic.


I paint a battle between beauty and ugliness, tenderness and strength, passiveness and vigor: because there is no limit to what the female is and represents. I celebrate the intrinsic beauty of women.

©Ana Berdeja

© 2016 By Belén Berdeja.